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Our goal is to support a community of diverse C-Level executives and provide them with cybersecurity knowledge to execute in their daily business operations.

We will serve as a lighthouse for a class of executives who will discuss cyber challenges and business operations while building solid, lasting relationships.


We will host various executives worldwide by creating an exclusive platform in which C-levels can build relationships and expand their cyber knowledge.

We strive to host invaluable summits with an invigorating and innovative atmosphere that delivers education and readiness regarding cyber challenges that hinder their business operations. We, along with our community of elite educators, advocate privacy and security for our companies and individuals.

Cyberhub Summit is a proud woman owned and lead organization.


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Karin Zalcberg

Founder & CEO of CyberHub Summit

“Hearing about cyber threats and cyber breach around the world affects me personally. I’m very concerned about what is happening to society, it is an evil crime. Individuals are driven by terrorism ideology, illegal espionage, and monetary extortion. So I decided to take action.”
cyberhub summit

James Azar

Co-Founder and CMO

cyberhub summit

Micah Smith

Technical Director