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Moderator James Azar
James Azar
Founder of CyberHub Engage

As the founder of CyberHub Engage; the founder and president of GCC investments and the founder and president of BHNV – James Azar possesses the skills and the financial stamina that make him an intense and important player on the international commercial landscape. An enthusiastic venture capitalist from the outset, he purchased his first Apple share at age 17 and was successfully managing a company by his 20 th birthday. James is both an investor and strategic advisor to many financial business ventures globally and holds a solid relationship with financial institutions in Dubai, the Kosovan Parliamentary Committee and with the former US Ambassador to the UN. BHNV, under James Azars’ pioneering leadership, has an ever-growing and remarkable network of top-tier business partners.




James Azar's session(s) at CHS Atlanta 2018
Oct 10th | 0930 - 1010 | Main Hall
Oct 10th | See times in description | Main Hall