Submitted by CyberHub Summit on Tue, 06/19/2018 - 09:09
Karin Zalcberg
Karin Zalcberg
Founder & CEO of CyberHub Summit

Karin Zalcberg, the Founder & CEO of CyberHub Summit, has an excellent reputation for her diligent work ethic and commitment to client satisfaction that goes beyond reproach.

CyberHub Summit is an exciting opportunity for the global cybersecurity community to gather and share their knowledge solutions in one conference. Karin envisioned that the conference will offer a unique opportunity for the industry to create dramatic and sustainable improvements through a shared and coordinated effort.

Her exceptional grounding in marcom offers a tremendous amount of great business and international connections. Karin’s meticulous and thorough methodologies help her reach her ultimate goal of providing each client with an exceptional level of service.

Karin’s background in psychology, sales, customer relations and global industry experience makes her the ideal person to introduce a conference where companies and clients can network on finding solutions for the cyber security crisis.