Justify Your Attendance

We don’t need to tell you that you’ve made a great choice by deciding to attend CyberHub Summit in Atlanta. However some people might need some convincing. Fortunately, we know all too well the challenge and wanted to lend a hand to help you out.

Our summit is intended for executives within the C-suite, director, and board members of an organization. Each summit offers a unique track for different roles. Our summits are limited to in quantity meaning we sell out fast and have to approve each application submitted to ensure the attendee is able to benefit from the entire event.

During the Summit, you’ll have access to leading educational sessions led by industry leaders and MVPs as well as the chance to network and meet with other professionals in your field and well beyond it.

Each year, the Conference takes on a different and relevant theme, addressing today’s most pressing threats in cybersecurity. That means even if you’ve attended our summits before, what you hear this time is different.

Here are the reasons to justify your attendance to CyberHub Summit:

  1. Executive only summit. There are no Business development or sales people around.

  2. We have the best speakers at each summit and discuss different topics based on roles: Ransomware, Internet of Things, Supply Chain Risk, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, GDPR, Threat Intelligence Sharing, Identity Management, DevOps, Authentication, Software Defined Data Center, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Privacy, Cybercrime, Mobile, Law, Government Policy, Analytics and Incident Response, Security Operations Centers, Cloud, Malware, Latest Hacks, Secure App Development, APTs, Security Standards, Metrics, Social Engineering, Virtualization, Critical Infrastructure, and Engaging with the Board.

  3. Network and spend quality time with other executives.

  4. Leave with an arsenal of tools to help defend, educate and drive growth for your business.

  5. It’s not only Cyber, each event features activities to help cultivate leadership, decision making skills and teamwork.

We hope to see you soon.