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Jorge Fernandez - Atlanta's growing international footprint
Jorge Fernandez - Atlanta's growing international footprint

In this podcast James Azar interviews Jorge Fernandez whom is the VP of Global Commerce for the Metro Atlanta Chamber. 

One of the biggest takeaways discussed in this podcast is what attracts company to Atlanta. Mr. Fernandez talks about: Atlanta’s accessibility through its airport, railroads and ports. Also discussed was how Atlanta has a very low cost of business as well as the sports passion and the economic engine that helps solidify Atlanta as the hub for business in the United States.  

In listening to the podcast, James and Jorge discuss the responsibilities of a CISO as well as the other C-Suite leaders when it comes to addressing Cybersecurity, as well as the confusion of roles between them. 

The Topic then ends with Atlanta Cyber Week and CyberHub Summit. October 10th, 2018 is when James will be hosting CyberHub Summit at the Atlanta City Winery in Ponce City Market, a staple of redevelopment in Atlanta and the Southeast. The Summit is attracting executives from all over the region to explorer and learn on how to address cybersecurity challenges in their business. You can get more information at

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