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Top 5 New Year Prophecies in Cyber
Top 5 New Year Prophecies in Cyber

Whilst many are focusing on how they will improve their cyber security in 2019, we are busy preaching the future. We have spent countless hours, analyzing 2018 trends, looking forward, predicting and generating an awareness of what is likely to occur and we have boiled it down to 5 very likely scenarios.

Prophecy 1

Facebook’s privacy issues will spread to other social media targets. 

Facebook has faced numerous legal scandals in 2018, when the powers that rule – and who don’t necessarily ‘get’ social media, started getting immensely concerned about user’s data, mostly due to skyrocketing cyber fraud and identity theft instances.

Facebook says it doesn’t sell data, but monetization, that it surely doesn’t mind doing, social media companies didn’t become a billion-dollar industry through liking your friend’s family pictures.  

The data is marketable and to many ad-centric companies, hackers and state sponsored cyber firms are ready and willing to pay for that data on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and on and on.  

Prophecy 2

Employees will direct tech developments - not companies.

With privacy infringements at the forefront of everyone’s social agenda, multiple examples of employees demonstrating their socio-political agendas have cropped up to undermine company actions, to great or lesser success. 

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Take for example Google employees who were outraged that their technology would serve Chinese users and enable state – surveillance? Or the Amazon employees who protested facial “recognition” being sold to law enforcement because it used racial profiling? Let’s not forget, Microsoft workers that stood up against the $19mil contract their employer had with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  

Employees flexing their muscles in these industry leading companies is a sign of the times and we are highly likely to see a lot more. 

The less than silent encoding-war between Apple and the FBI 

In 2018, we witnessed the FBI trying to force Facebook to rewrite its Messenger app to allow wiretaps.  Legislation is on the close horizon that is about to change access to our social media data. 

With Facebook under the microscope, the fringe and not so fringe extremists’ groups using it, are being closely monitored and used to push an agenda that will allow the FBI more leg-room within messenger and other apps to prevent terrorism. 

Increases in data Leaks 

There have been a lot of red faces regarding the 2018 leaks on weakly protected data, let’s not forget Equifax, ever, although they are obviously far from the only ones. 

From FedEx to Amazon we have seen multiple big names exposed across the year. A lot of these incidents which had little to do with a vulnerability in coding and were highly connected to simple human errors, forgetfulness and negligence have led us to trust technology less, albeit that the mistakes are due to human error.  

We are confident that this trend will continue on into 2019.

California’s privacy rules will come to a head

Hot on the heels of the GDPR, California is set to pass its consumer privacy law which will outline what companies need to disclose in data collection and how they are allowed to use this data. This will give governing powers the rights to fine companies that fail to comply.

Not surprisingly, the Tech firms that have spent in the billions of dollars complying with GDPR, aren’t in the mood to go through it again and are trying to go for a federal level law, only time will tell whether the tech giants will get their way.