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The Top 6 Cyber Security Awareness Tips
The Top 6 Cyber Security Awareness Tips

Keeping data secure and far from hackers, foreign adversaries and insider threats are a hot topic in any business boardroom.  Whilst we are happy to hand over our cyber security to the IT professionals, our first line of defense, cyber awareness, now incorporated into cyber security legislation across America, is severely lacking. 

We have therefore accumulated six of the most valuable security awareness tips for you to incorporate into your business operation: 

Password 101 

Hard to believe, but a huge number of cyber security incidents started with yellow post-it notes plastered to someone’s computer screen, giving away login, passwords and access to crucial and sensitive data. 

Not only that, but leaving your computer unlocked or unattended pretty much creates the same level of risk, as the would-be cybercriminal now doesn’t even need your password, but yet the intrusion, from your terminal was made incredibly easy, making you partially accountable. 

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In fact, even if partially accountable, you are entirely responsible, it’s inexcusable and downright lazy to simply open the door to cybercrime.

Click -bait

Be extra careful while clicking links and attachments in any emails. 

It sees we just aren’t able to listen when it comes to phishing and millions fall victim every year to an obvious scam in an email. Always be on the alert before clicking on attachments and links and look out for the obvious signs:

  • Many Grammar errors
  • Unknown senders
  • Too much personal knowledge about you
  • Asking for banking details by email

Always keep applications up-dated

When we “Can’t be bothered” right now, right now, is when we put ourselves at risk. Updates provide crucial patches over security vulnerabilities and bugs in the application, these includes all wireless devices, so don’t hold off on updating when it needs to be done.

     1. Verify your downloads

You can run through basic checks to deem your download as more credible, you can verify the authenticity of the website by checking the integrity of the downloaded file. You can use something like QuickHash which displays the MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, and SHA3 hashes for the file that you select and will also allow hash string comparison. 

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just make sure you contact your IT department to check through all downloads first. 

     2. Anti-virus software

If its cyber, it should be secured. That means that all your IoT devices, smartphones and wireless devices should have anti-virus installed and they are need to be updated periodically. If you don’t have an anti-virus application 24/7, you could be out of luck – at sonic speed.

     3. Think about where you are

Are you sat in an airport with hours to kill?  You are a diligent worker and you might think about logging on for a while at the airport WIFI, just to finish up those important documents.

 STOP. right now.

There are two worrying trends that seem to be playing out, in and around airport lounges over and over, across the country.  

  1. Public WIFI is less than secure – it’s insecure and easily penetrable and puts your data at risk
  2. There will be other WIFI connections that imitate the airport free WIFI, potentially scams or worse. 

Either way, you should be logging onto a secured WIFI connection, password protected, that you may have to pay for, as the saying goes, if its free, it isn’t worth buying. 

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