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Top five ways that you can stay safe online
Top five ways that you can stay safe online

Apart from choosing secure passwords and being mindful of what and how frequently you download, there are a host of other ways you can be more careful on the net. With your online safety, identity and privacy, becoming major political issues we mustn’t be shy when it comes to beefing up on online safety.

Here are some handy tips you may or may not be aware of:  

1. Your Personal info is on a need- to- know basis

Your potential business associates do not need to know your zip code, your girlfriends' name or what you ate last night.  Make a separation between personal and professional information and keep your real social media accounts very secure.

 A good site for purely business is LinkedIn, your employer/client can read up on your experience and professional background, then contact you via messenger.  In this way you have marketed your skills without handing out a private phone number, address or anything else you wouldn't want sold on to third parties.

2.Protect Your Cell Phone.

 A phone is no longer a phone, we all know that. A cell phone now encapsulates pretty much all the functions of a standard laptop, with a simple tap interface – but it also inculcates the same risks along with updated risks such as shady apps and SMS links.

Be sure you read the policy before you download the App and ignore the strangers sending you messages (same as those emails asking for your bank details).

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Cell-phone security is now a must-have, equivalent to your other devices.

3.Old habits are hard to break.

We all know that surfing on unsecured networks is unwise and a huge risk, yet whilst we promise ourselves we will never download that Starbucks App, in the same minute whilst we sip our latte, we hook onto an unsecured network.

An unsecured network is like walking through the ghetto, not safe at any time of day or night. Whilst at home we feel smart and aware to the dangers of tempting content provided by cyber criminals, in the coffee shop we just don’t think about how much of our cell phone and personal data is vulnerable, from the second you turn your phone on.  When you are using a vulnerable Wifi network, do not enter any bank details.

4. Strengthen your Antivirus.

IT security software has a sell by date and the older it is, the less protection it provides, unfortunately this is just the reality. If you don’t keep strengthening your anti-virus by updating it, you are basically paying for nothing.

This includes using a decent Firewall, at all times. The Firewall blocks unauthorized access and usually comes as part of the security package. The Firewall means that ALL of your networked devices, from your webcam to your cell phone is secured, destroying the possible entry point for a Hacker.

5. Be on the lookout

Cyber threats are changing and different threats are stronger at different times. Right now, Ransomware is something to be particularly aware of.  Keep abreast of new developments and how they may affect your personal data.