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CISO's are in sales because of him

James Azar brings Nir Valtman on the CyberHub Engage Podcast. Nir is the CISO of Kabbage, Inc, a premier FinTech company. 

In the podcast, James asks Nir about the issues and threats he has experienced as a CISO. 

One of the many topics discussed in this podcast is how a CISO can effectively communicate with other executives and business people on a company’s security needs without using a fear factor. Nir explains that he is a CISO who aims to bring revenue to an organization with security. Whereas today, CISO’s are viewed as someone who is constantly asking other executives to invest in more technology.

The main topic that James and Nir discuss is whether or not machines are more effective workers than people. Nir believes that there are many jobs where an automated process could do a job better than a human. Nir also discusses how he will automate processes and whenever he can.

Lastly, they discuss insider threats and how automation is working on detecting these threats based on user behavior. Findings have shown that this automated process often triggers false positives because employees are sometimes tasked with work straying from their normal tasks.

Lastly James brings up the popular topic about introducing a federal cybersecurity regulation in the U.S. to define a cyberattack and what actions need to be taken in the event of one.

Watch the full episode here and comment with your input/take-away!