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David Nolan - Hiring The Right Team In InfoSec

In this podcast, James Azar brings guest David Nolan, head of information security of Aaron’s. Hiring is always a challenge at the company, David Nolan believes that hiring the right candidate involves taking a chance on someone who has the right skills and can solve problems on their own.

David Nolan has had success at Aaron’s when hiring by engaging other pipelines than the traditional one for recruitment. By going and engaging with colleges, career fairs, and trade conferences are great ways to find potential candidates for the positions you are trying to fill. 

David Nolan also talks about he has had success by sponsoring community events, and he believes that cyber security professionals have a duty to give back to the community and to raise awareness about what is going on in the cyber world. This includes learning how to protect ourselves, learning about what threats are out there, and just any way we as professionals can bring value to the community.

David also shares his thoughts with James on how breaking away from traditional models of security have helped Aaron’s in the long run. Being innovative and finding people who are hungry to learn security and new approaches to security assets is a priceless quality.

They also discuss the realm of cyber threats and how much of a problem they are today in America. Is America taking security seriously? Will it take a cyber 9/11 attack to make the states take cyber security seriously? Tune in to this podcast to find out!

Watch the full episode here and comment with your input/take-away!