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The Human Error in Cybersecurity

The Human Error in Cybersecurity

Guest: Graeme Payne - Former Global CIO of Equifax

Host: James Azar - Founder of the CyberHub Engage Podcast

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It was on Sept 7, 2017 that Equifax had announced a data breach that consisted of over 145M consumers. This breach made headlines for months, and is still in the news today. Based on the data stolen from Equifax, many consider this breach to be the worst identity theft crisis in history. 

Todays’ episode features “Graeme Payne”, the former CIO of Equifax and the scapegoat they used to get themselves out of the water. Graeme tells us his history working at Equifax as well as the the story about the first time they heard of a potential intruder within the network.

During the podcast, James and Graeme explain how the news outlets and mainstream media constantly let us know about how bad the damage is to those impacted, yet nobody ever takes into account what the families of the employees are going through in times like the Equifax breach. James and Graeme both shared they knew many people who barely saw their families for weeks during the incident. As much as the companies and its’ employees are made out to be the bad guys, they are truly victims at heart. 

Back to Graeme and his story: 

After being fired, Equifax went and testified saying that human error was the cause, specifically… not sending an email about a possible vulnerability. When talking about this human error, they were referring to Graeme. Even though an email isn’t going to stop a data breach, the IDS failed to detect the initial intrusion and presence of a foreign user within the network. Equifax found it easier to throw a head on the chopping block, and fire Graeme as it is easier to blame a human rather than explain the technological issues from within the company.

Hear the full story by watching the podcast below!