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How I Stumbled Into CyberSecurity

By: James Azar

In a recent CyberHub Engage Podcast, James Azar Interviews David Excell From Future Space, whom is the founder and CTO. 

FeatureSpace is a FinTech company that uses AI to learn human behavior. David started his company as a Behavior analytics company to learn human behaviors and to create algorithms to determine fraudulent behaviors for banking institutions.

Machine learning is required to understand human behavior. Humans travel to 5 or more local places a day and they travel do different states or out of the country at random. Machine learning is in our everyday life. Machines are learning our habits, where we go, what we buy, how often, and when we do things. One challenge that David faces with his AI, is the fact that human behavior is sometimes unpredictable. 

Another challenge FeatureSpace has is when a client has a data breach. David says in the event of a data breach, it is a major challenge for the AI to discern whether or not transactions made by the breached bank’s customers are genuine. When Equifax was breached, names, addresses, credit data, SSNs and more was stolen. Fraudulent people are able to steal that data and act as those people. AI might not be able to correctly authenticate transactions and reject fraudulent transactions. 

Dave realized he needed a CISO when he realized he needed to satisfy all of their customers’ needs and many companies want to ensure the products they use are secure and that the data Future Space is gathering is secured from cyber threats. 

James asks whether or not if a government could ever effectively regulate AI? Dave responds by saying it would be very difficult to regulate AI because AI is not flawless. At this point Dave also introduces the topic that AI can accidentally learn biases. He brings up an example of another AI company whose machine started throwing out applications of females. AI regulation could bring a lot of harm to the industry as AI can mess up just as humans do.

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