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Geoff Hancock
Geoff Hancock
Managing Partner at CyberHub Academy

Geoff Hancock is the Principal at Advanced Cybersecurity Group. He has spent 27 years in Cybersecurity. Ranging from technical, operational and strategic expertise. He has managed/built many cybersecurity programs for domestic, international companies and Countries.

Geoff’s operational experience includes designing, assessing and delivering operational programs to both technical and businesses across various Fortune 100 companies. Geoff held positions as CTO at CGI, VP Cyber Operations for Verizon and General Manager of Microsoft. He has spent the last 15 years focusing on the intersection of cybersecurity and business. Additionally, he works with business executives on securing their corporations across all threats.

Additionally, as a Sr. Fellow at the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, Geoff advises all three branches of the US Government on cybersecurity impact to business. He also is author/coauthor of several cybersecurity standards through his work at NIST and works with USCERT and Department of Homeland Security and the NATO Cyber Center of Excellence on technical and business impact of cybersecurity.

He has additional expertise in areas such as Active Cyber Defense, Offensive Cyber Operations, Intelligence, Cloud Security, Insider Threat, Cyber Investigations and Engineering.

Additionally, he teaches the Cyber MBA program at George Washington University as well as several other technical and business programs at National Defense University, National Intelligence University, Columbia and University of Central Florida.

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