Submitted by James Azar on Mon, 09/12/2016 - 12:00
Hertzel Ozer
Hertzel Ozer
Founder & CEO of Cyber 2.0

Highly experienced leader in the telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, food and consumer goods industries:

• CEO & Chairman of the Board of the HOT Telecommunication Systems Group (one of the biggest companies in Israel)

• CEO of the food division of the NESTLE ISRAEL group

• CEO of NESHER – Israel Cement Enterprises

• CEO of SHEKEM-food – retail chain stores

• VP Marketing & Sales & Customer Care & Business Development of BEZEQ- Israel’s Leading Telecommunications Company

• Founder and Owner of AllJobs – the leading online recruitment website in Israel

• Chairman of the Board of Governors of the College of Management, Israel

• M.B.A in Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

• B.A in Economics and Statistics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem