Submitted by James Azar on Mon, 10/01/2018 - 19:17
Nir Valtman
Nir Valtman
CISO at Kabbage, Inc

Nir is an experienced information security leader, executive, expert, and a frequent public speaker at leading conferences globally, including Black Hat, Defcon, BSides, and RSA. During his career path he worked on multiple IT/product security projects for global enterprises, both from the consultancy and software vendor sides of the business.
While Nir's day-to-day job is focused on management, he performs security research and contributes to the open source community at his leisure time. 
Nir believes that sharing information and learning as part of the job routine promotes everyone individually and as a community. Henceforth, his experience is based on formal training, cowboy learning and manly from his perimeter.