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Successful relationship - CISO & CIO

In this podcast, Host James Azar brings David Black, CISO of SiteOne into the office to talk about being a CISO and the challenges he faced in the beginning of restructuring SiteOne while also communicating with the CIO. David black was challenged in acquiring, integrating, and securing the assets of several dozen different companies.

David also talks about the challenges when he first stared with SiteOne and how they dealt with several security incidents including ransomware. David was challenged with building a security team from scratch and creating new policy for the entire organization. He was also challenged with building a security framework that fit SiteOne instead of using a massive government framework that doesn’t fit his needs. David is focused on making SiteOne all about having the most innovative ideas for security and making sure they are the best and ahead of the game. 

Watch the full episode here and comment with your input/take-away!