I have been to dozens of conferences over the past year and nothing comes close to what Cyber Hub has done. From the first moment when the lights dimmed and the music came and the monitors lit up with the latest cyber facts and news, I was hooked. It was captivating and I was hooked. The panels were great. Very informative and James really knows how to keep the discussion flowing so it builds and you keep learning. The keynote speaker was fantastic. Everything was so well organized. I can't say enough good things. I'm being asked to attend free conferences in Miami where they are flying me out for free and putting me up in a hotel for free but because it was so boring, and because I feel like I've heard it all before, and because there's nothing new, I don't want to attend. I would go to another Cyber Hub event in a heart beat!!!

Martha M.

Meeting everyone. The ability to meet the speakers and presenters. Very comfortable environment.

Cindy T.

It was nice to not be so crowded which allowed me to interact with the speakers, but I know that will change as the event grows. It's tough to find a concise informative cyber security summit, great idea.

John R.

The discussions, the social/networking time, and the genine concern from Karin and other guest experts that the attendees were having a good experience.

Bruce K.

I like the panel discussions. Very informative and different perspectives. All the information was great. I would attend another event. The business world has a lot to learn about Cyber Security.

Christopher M.

The content was incredible! Great networking with those who came as well. Wonderful event.

Richard H.

I really enjoyed the small size of this summit because it afforded myself and other attendees the opportunity to meet and network with others in a more intimate setting.

Joseph R.

The execution of the program, especially the media team that managed the program. So many of these events have terrible media, but your program was outstanding in terms of the media and I was deeply impressed with the professionalism of the overall show! Really good job!

Alex J.

Interaction with vendors, Robert's presentation, the dinner - table conversations were outstanding.

Jackie S.

Met The CyberHub team that is very committed to growing this.

Bill H.